1. Who was the Fourth Official World Chess Champion?

2. What is this Opening?

3. Who is this?

4. Who challenged Garry Kasparov for the PCA World Championships in 1993?

5. Where was the 1939 Chess Olympiad held where Miguel Najdorf among others famously did not return to Europe but stayed ?

6. Who was the American genius player who in 1858 took Europe by storm but who famous British player Howard Staunton refused to play?

7. What is this famous Opening called?

8. What was Garry Kasparov great tournament win in his introduction to big tournaments in 1982?

9. In Plymouth 1938 R.M.Bruce lost to two World Champions in one day, one was Alexander Alekhine, who was the other?

10. And in a follow up to the last question, how did the Womens World Champion die?