Can you spot the move?:- Write down the answers to each position then click on  Answers

1 Black to play and win:-

An offshoot from the game Mike Mason vs Alan Llewellyn (friendly 45 minutes each from 10/01/1996 held at Ulverston Library)-in the actual game Black chickened out with a Queen swap earlier but this was a possible winning continuation-what is the forcing move here which wins? 

2 Black to play and win:-

Black quite naturally played h6 here to avoid the back row mate but their is a better move- from Gary Boswell vs Alan Llewellyn (Ulverston Chess Fair Rapidplay 30/08/1997 held  at Ulverston Coronation Hall).

3 Black to play and create an advantage:-

Black actually plays the right move here.-from Ernie O'hare vs Alan Llewellyn (Friendly 45 minutes on 01/10/1997 at Ulverston Library).

4 Black to play and win material:-

Black played Be6 here but there was a better move-from Alan Llewellyn vs Tony Baker (Whitaker Cup Final on 13/04/1996 at Ulverston Coronation Hall)

5 White to play and get into winning endgame:-

White actually played the right move here- from Alan Llewellyn vs R O'Brien (Ulverston vs Penrith 13/01/1996 Whitaker Cup).

6 Black to play and limit the damage:-

Black actually played the move here- from J Anderson vs Alan Llewellyn (British Correspondence Championship Candidates Section started 15/10/1995)

7 White to play and get winning advantage:-

This was played by a Grandmaster in GM Murray Chandler vs Alan Llewellyn (Simultaneous Exhibition 23/04/1995 Keswick)

8 White to push home his advantage in space:-

This must rank as one of my best moves ever although its not enough to win in Alan Llewellyn vs Bill Henderson (Ulverston vs North Copeland 05/11/1994)

9 Black to play and win material:-

My opponent actually played the move in a correspondence game Alan Llewellyn vs R Ward (BPCF Open started 04/06/1994)