(White to move and win).The above position is from the internet , actually to be precise from Bolton Chess Clubs facebook page.  It isn't very easy but I will give the answer-try the puzzle to get an answer before reading further than here.
A clue is to not be distracted by the impending pawns on the 2nd rank wanting to Queen. Having said that the answer involves an underpromotion.
The answer = 1 Be4 e1=N!! (1...e1=Q?? 2 Bc2 mate) 2 Bxe1!! (2 Bf3?? Nxf3) 2...fxe1=N!! (2...fxe1=Q?? 3 Bc2 mate or 2...f1=Q?? 3 Bc2 mate) 3 Bg6!! e2 4 Kb2!! (and its zugzwang which means the person having to move loses because he has to make a move and any move worsens his position) 4...Nd3 5 Bxd3 e1=N!! (the third underpromotion which is also necessary to avoid Bc2 mate) 6 Bg6!! (the second zugwang!!!!) 6...Nd3 7 Bxd3 g5 8 Bc2 mate