Barrow Chess Club Open

The club is open now on mondays and wednesdays at the British Legion club on holker street, Barrow-in-Furness-  social distancing rules apply of which are given in this document here.

Latest Results:

15th Nov Club Champ21-22: Trevor Blower 0-1 Matthew Mackenzie
17th Nov Club Champ21-22: Frank Whalley drew Russell Hayley
24th Nov Club Champ21-22: Jon Duffield 0-1 Russell Hayley
29th Nov Club Champ21-22: Jim Woodburn 0-1 Russell Heyley
29th Nov Club Champ21-22: Martin Gawne 1-0 Alan Llewellyn
1st Dec Club Champ21-22: Frank Whalley drew George Horne
1st Dec Club Champ21-22: Martin Gawne 1-0 Trevor Blower
2nd Dec Mid Weeek League 21-22: Kendal 1.5-1.5 Barrow

          The World Chess Championship coverage can be seen here .    
 New members are welcome. Our club is open to all regardless of age, gender, ethniticity or disability. If you are keen to learn more about the game, and, improve your play we have many standards of player who can help you . If you are already an established player and want serious competition games, we have many tournaments at the Barrow club, and also play in the Cumbria don't be shy - get yourself to the British Legion on a Monday and a Wednesday! We look forward to seeing you. contact details for club secretary (who isn't the web master) click on the news page for latest news, and competitions page for tournies, and miscellaneous(Info) for general info. Barrow Chess Club meets at the British Legion, Holker Street in Barrow-in-Furness Meeting times are from 7.00pm Mondays and 7.00pm Wednesday