(7) Pillsbury,Harry Nelson - Lasker,Emanuel [D50]
St Petersburg9596 St Petersburg (4.1), 04.01.1896
[Llewellyn,Alan Mansel]

If Harry Pillsbury had won this game he would have been well set for a chance at the World Championship, which he deserved from his great play. The American though falls into a diabolical trap hatched by the German, Emanuel Lasker which leads to the sacrifice of not one Rook but both of Emanuels Rooks. I don't think Harry could have believed his eyes when he saw the double Rook sacrifice on the a3 square and this game, it is believed, had a disasterous effect on the mind of Harry, very sadly.

1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Nf3 c5
The Tarrasch Defence was a common opening in top play around the turn of the end of the 19th Century.

5.Bg5 cxd4 6.Qxd4 Nc6 7.Qh4 Be7 8.0-0-0 Qa5 9.e3 Bd7 10.Kb1 h6!!
a deep strategical move which keeps both the g5 Bishop and Queen practicaly stuck in place, or the Bishop must swap off and the end result is an incredibly strong Bishop for emanuel on the f6 square.

[11.Bf4?? Ne4!! 12.Qh3 Nb4 13.Nxe4 Qxa2+ 14.Kc1 Qa1+ 15.Kd2 Qxb2+ 16.Ke1 Nc2+ 17.Ke2 dxe4 18.Nd2 e5 19.Qg3 exf4 20.Qxf4 with a big advantage in material and position for Black.]

11...exd5 12.Nd4 0-0 13.Bxf6
[13.Bf4?? but is met be this. 13...Ne4 (13...g5? but not met by this:- 14.Bxg5 hxg5 15.Qxg5+ Kh8 16.Qh6+ Kg8 17.Qg5+ (17.Bd3 Nxd4 18.Qg5+ Kh8 19.Qh6+ ) ) ]

13...Bxf6 14.Qh5 Nxd4 15.exd4 Be6 16.f4 Rac8 17.f5 Rxc3!!
Who needs a rook!!!!

18.fxe6 Ra3!! 19.exf7+ Rxf7 20.bxa3 Qb6+ 21.Bb5!!
the only way to possibly survive as bxd4 was threatened.

21...Qxb5+ 22.Ka1 Rc7??
[22...Qc4!! 23.Qg4 Re7 24.Rhf1 Re2 25.Rxf6?? Qxa2# ]

23.Rd2 Rc4 24.Rhd1?
[24.Re1 Qa5 25.Re8+ Kh7 26.Qf5+ g6 27.Re7+ Bg7 28.Qd3 Rc3 29.Qb1= and White has escaped.]

24...Rc3 25.Qf5 Qc4 26.Kb2 Rxa3!! 27.Qe6+ Kh7 28.Kxa3??
in the end Pillsbury misses the mate and capitulates under the pressure.

28...Qc3+ 29.Ka4 b5+ 30.Kxb5 Qc4+ 31.Ka5 Bd8+ 32.Qb6 Bxb6# 0-1