[Event "Semmering m"] [Site "Semmering"] [Date "1936.??.??"] [Round "7"] [White "Spielmann, Rudolf"] [Black "Eliskases, Erich Gottlieb"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "C59"] [Annotator "Llewellyn, Alan"] [PlyCount "54"] [EventDate "1936.??.??"] [EventType "match"] [EventRounds "10"] [EventCountry "AUT"] [Source "ChessBase"] [SourceDate "1999.07.01"] {Here is another game from the second of the three Matches between the Famous (in chess circles) Austrian player Rudolf Spielmann and the then Austrian but soon to be Argentinian player Erich Eliskases. The Argentinian prove too strong for Rudolf, and although many of the games between the two men were drawn this is not one of them as Erich takes advantage of some lax opening development by Rudolf.} 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5. exd5 Na5 { avoiding the reames of theory behind the Fried Liver Attack opening discuses below):-} (5... Nxd5 6. Nxf7 $1 {This is rather non-poetically known as the Fried Liver Attack, (known since the modern rules were invented almost).} Kxf7 7. Qf3+ Ke6 8. Nc3 Ncb4 9. Bb3 $11 (9. O-O c6 10. d4 Qf6 11. Qe2 Kd7 12. Ne4 Qg6 13. a3 Na6 14. Bd3 Kc7 15. Ng5 e4 16. Bxe4 Bf5 $15 {and Black escapes})) 6. Bb5+ c6 7. dxc6 bxc6 8. Be2 $6 $15 {too passive.} (8. Qf3 $11) 8... h6 9. Nf3 e4 $1 10. Ne5 Qc7 11. d4 $1 exd3 12. Nxd3 Bd6 13. Na3 $6 {another rather passive move the Knight has limited posibilities there on the rim.} Ba6 14. g3 O-O 15. O-O Rad8 16. Be3 Nd5 17. Bc5 $2 {The Rook on d8 is on the same file as the Queen and after 17...Bxc5 18.Nxc5 this creates a threat of uncovering an attack of the Black Rook on the White Queen - in effect it gives the Knight on d5 a free move as long as it cannot be taken directly by the Queen as the Queen will be forced to move out of the firing line.} Bxc5 18. Nxc5 Nc3 $3 19. Nxa6 {what Rudolf was counting on was an corresponding attack on Erichs Black Queen but the Nc3 has forced significant concessions from Rudolf especially on the e2 square.} Qe5 $3 20. Qe1 (20. bxc3 Rxd1 21. Bxd1 $17) 20... Nxe2+ 21. Kh1 Rfe8 $6 {seemingly pileing on the pressure but in reality the simple f3 next move by White defends adequately though Rudolf would have remained in a rather passive position, Nc4 was probably best here for Black to maintain an attack.} (21... Nc4 22. Nxc4 Qd5+ 23. f3 Qxc4 $17) (21... Qd5+ 22. f3 Rfe8 $2 23. Nc7 Nxg3+ $4 {this time the uncovering loses because the Queen can take the checking piece.} 24. Qxg3 $18) 22. Rd1 $2 (22. f3 $15) 22... Qh5 $1 {the start of a series of sureptitious Queen and piece moves by Erich which are both accurate and winning...and incredibly complicated.} 23. h4 $4 (23. Kg2 Rd5 24. Qb4 Rxd1 25. Rxd1 Nf4+ 26. Qxf4 Qxd1 $17) 23... Qg4 $3 {threatening Qh3#.} 24. Kh2 Nxg3 $1 25. fxg3 Re2+ $3 {The only winning move in the position- note here the threat of 25...Rxe1?? seemingly winning actually loses to the intermezzo 26.Rxd8+ Kh7 27.Rxe1.} 26. Rf2 Rxf2+ 27. Qxf2 Qxd1 {and its hopeless for Rudolf...} 0-1