A List of the Current top British players

# Name Title Fed Rating
 1  Adams, Michael  g  ENG  2758 Michael Adams has been on the chess scene since he was a child and has won a number of top International  Tournaments, he has been the British number 1 for a number of decades. At the height of his powers he challenged Anatoly Karpov for the World Championship of Fide although that wasn't the official World Title at the time. He is reaching that form again with a number 12 world ranking.
 2  McShane, Luke J  g  ENG  2670 Luke McShane was a top junior in the late 1980's early 1990's. He is the British number 2 player at the moment and is probably the leading young top grandmaster of the number of promising young grandmasters England have at the moment.
 3  Jones, Gawain C B  g  ENG  2664 Gawain Jones despite his Welsh sounding name is actually English. He has been a promising junior for years and has won the British Championship. I have spoken to him a number of times on the Internet Chess Club where he is often to be found playing internet chess.
 4  Howell, David W L  g  ENG  2657 David Howell is the 4th ranked British player currently. He was a child prodigy and has been around for many years now. like his young rivals Luke and Gawain, also a British Champion. It would be nice to see him, and the other young top English players, compete in elite tournaments in Europe.
 5  Sadler, Matthew D  g  ENG  2653 Another Child prodigy who made a significant impact on world chess in the 1990's. After a time out of chess he is back although he is finding getting back to elite tournaments a harder prospect than it was a number of years ago.
 6  Short, Nigel D  g  ENG  2646 Probably the most famous British figure in chess ever. A child prodigy from the 1970's, he has been on British tv more often than any British player hence his fame to the wider public. In chess circles he is known for his moment of triumph in defeating Anatoly Karpov in a world Championship qualifier and winning the right to play Garry Kasparov for the World Title. He lost but in true British style.
 7 Rowson, Jonathan g SCO 2569 Jonathan Rowson is the top ranked Scottish player. He is a British Champion, who could forget the pictures of Jonathan parading in the Flag of St. Andrew after his 2004 victory he regained the title in 2005 and 2006 and has won a number of strong Tournaments around the World. The latest in a line of strong grandmasters from Scotland.
 8  Pert, Nicholas  g  ENG  2564 Known for his great chess videos he is also no mean chess player even though he does not devote all his energies to his chess, studying at Warwick University. He is still very young but still finds time to coach some of Britain's top juniors.
 9  Hebden, Mark L  g  ENG  2540 Mark Hebden has been amongst Britain's elite players for decades. He has an appetite for chess which is second to none as he visits many weekend tournaments. Famous throughout the world for his exploits over a number of years, many chess books have games of his in. He is Britains answer to Victor Korchnoi who still plays in his eighties.
 10  Hawkins, Jonathan  g  ENG  2533   Jonathan has only recently achieved his grandmaster title. He has made the jump from club player to top English player. He was a regular at the South Lakes Congress held by the Barrow Chess Club members Dave Cole and Trevor Blower (as well as help from Janet Blower). He is a fast improving player.
 11  Haslinger, Stewart G  g  ENG  2531   Another ex-South Lakes Congress player, Stewart has all the potential to be a very strong player in the future like Jonathan. Was taught chess at the age of 4 and his family were all strong junior players although only Stewart has taken up the gauntlet into adulthood, in the family.