World Chess Championship 2021 between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi

from Dubai : November 26th until December 15th Prize fund 2 million dollars.

The schedule for the match is as follows:-

 Game 1  26th November
 Game 2  27th November
 Game 3  28th November
 Game 4  30th November
Game 5  1st December
 Game 6  3rd December 
 Game 7  4th December
 Game 8  5th December
Game 9  7th December
 Game 10  8th December
 Game 11  10th December-final game due to match being decided
 Game 12  11th December-cancelled
 Game 13  12th December-cancelled
Game 14  14th December-cancelled
 Tie breaks  15th December-cancelled

The games will are all analysed below -they are in a list(which may need to be scrolled)

11 games up to the final day Friday 10th December:- Magnus Carlsen from Norway continues to be World Champion, Nepo is beaten.