Conditions in the chess room are as follows:


Barrow and Cumbria Membership

Barrow membership is expected to remain the same cost as last year, but it will be decided at the Barrow AGM at the end of Sept, beginning of Oct.

Cumbria membership will be decided at a later date once either an AGM has been held or an agreement reached by all clubs and the Cumbria Committee.


Membership of the ECF

Membership rates for 2020-21 are the same as below, now including the new category of ECF Supporter £10.

Note that the £1 discount no longer applies on-line or if submitted before 31st October; this is because the discount agreement on MO’s (Membership Organisations) of which Cumbria was one, has been terminated by the ECF. (This termination was pre-Covid and a push towards individual rather than bloc applications).

If anyone has any problems with on-line membership, please let the Cumbria Membership Secretary (Dave Cole) know.